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Real Thing: Live

Real Thing
Real Thing: Live
~ Beegie Adair
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Release Date: April 24, 2012

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Review & Description

I've noticed my own music collection tends to have more live
albums, because there's something about the ambience of an
audience that comes through on a live recording. Even a very
quiet crowd can affect the musicians in a subtle way, breathing
together, and filling the space with a human aspect. It definitely
changes the music, and for me, it's much more enjoyable. Though
we can't go back and repair anything that goes awry, it's more fun
to work in front of real live people. The sense of 'one time only'
gives the music an immediacy that is very inspirational, and
sometimes a little frightening. The adrenaline kicks in, and
suddenly you're on stage and you have to fill that musical space
with sound.
Then the music begins and everything feels just fine. Sometimes I
think the audience is sending a silent message that they're there to
hear whatever you play, and to enjoy and respond to it.
So this album, "the real thing" is a labor of love we've been
thinking about for a long time. Recorded over two nights at the
wonderful performance space called 'The Cave' at the Nashville
Jazz Workshop, we decided that our theme for the concerts would
be simply the songs we love to perform, old chestnuts that we
have played many times. We wanted the audience to feel they
were in a small jazz club, and were hearing us as we sound on the
road, in a club, on stage, or wherever we are playing live, instead
of in a studio. So, for all you folks that have been asking us to do
a live recording, here it is at last. It's a little more 'up front' in all
departments, more bass and drum solos, longer tunes, all the
things that we have not yet put on a cd. We had such a good time
making this recording, and I hope all our listeners will enjoy it as
much as we enjoy bringing it to you. Beegie Adair

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